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  • eInvoicing for businesses

    eInvoicing benefits every business by simplifying and automating the exchange and processing of invoices.

    Digital service providers have started rolling out eInvoicing solutions. You can contact your software provider to find out what options are available, so you can enjoy the benefits of eInvoicing.

    Get your business started with eInvoicing

    Firstly, contact your software provider to find out:

    • if your software is eInvoicing-ready
    • how and when they can help
    • what you need to do.

    You may need to update your existing software or add an extra service.

    To find out how to get started with eInvoicing:

    How to prepare for eInvoicing in your business

    To prepare your business you can:

    Understand how you process invoices now

    Review your business processes and requirements to understand your current state of invoicing, including:

    • how many invoices you send and receive, and how often
    • how you send, receive and process invoices and if you use purchase orders
    • identifying your top suppliers and buyers (by number of invoices)
    • if you use software and scanning tools to manage your accounts payable and receivable.

    Find out how to implement eInvoicing

    • Talk to your software providers to find out whether your existing software and tools are or will be eInvoicing enabled.
    • Talk to different eInvoicing service providers to find out how they can help you to become eInvoicing enabled.

    Plan how to get ready for eInvoicing

    • Understand and manage changes in business processes within your organisation.
    • Get your trading partners ready for the upcoming change.

    Decide how to onboard your suppliers

    • Test your solution with your trading partners.
    • Progressively onboard your trading partners focussing on those with most benefit to your organisation, for example, high-volume suppliers or high error rate invoices.
    • Transition as many of your trade partners to the eInvoicing channel to maximise your benefits.
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