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  • Rates – non-business

    Use the rates listed for each financial year to work out your fuel tax credit rates for non-business.

    Fuel tax credit rates vary depending on:

    • when you acquired the fuel
    • the type of fuel you use
    • the activity you use it in.

    You don't need to include the rates in your claim. We will work out the amount of your fuel tax credit for your claim based on the date you acquired the fuel.

    Rates are indexed twice a year – in February and August – in line with the consumer price index (CPI). The CPI indexation factor for rates from 1 February 2023 is 1.037.

    From 29 September 2022, the rates changed due to the end of the temporary reduction of fuel excise duty. The reduction was in place from 30 March to 28 September and applied to excise and excise equivalent customs duty rates for petrol, diesel and all other fuel and petroleum-based products (except aviation fuels). This affected the fuel tax credit rates during this period.

    Last modified: 27 Jan 2023QC 44528