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  • How to make adjustments

    If you report GST by the full reporting method, you can use either the accounts method or the calculation worksheet method to complete your activity statement for the reporting period. If you report GST by the Simpler BAS reporting method, you use the accounts method to complete each activity statement.

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    Accounts method

    If you use the accounts method, you work out the GST amounts for your sales and purchases from your accounts. You report these amounts on your activity statement.

    Report your GST on your BAS at:

    • increasing adjustments at Label 1A
    • decreasing amounts at Label 1B.

    Calculation worksheet method

    If you use the calculation worksheet method, you show the overall adjustment amount multiplied by 11 on the GST calculation worksheet at either:

    • G7 (adjustments) if you have an overall increasing adjustment
    • G18 (adjustments) if you have an overall decreasing adjustment.

    The amounts you report on your activity statement will depend on whether you report on a cash basis or non-cash basis.

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    Record your adjustments

    To help you to work out your adjustments, we have developed worksheets so you can record all your adjustments for a reporting period and compare your total increasing adjustments and your total decreasing adjustments at the end of the period. There are five worksheets: Sales, Purchases, Bad debts, Creditable purpose, Adjustments summary.

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