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  • Completing your BAS

    This section covers issues specific to the taxi industry.

    You need to use a business activity statement (BAS) to:

    • report and pay the GST you've collected
    • claim GST credits.

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    GST reporting methods

    From 1 July 2017, Simpler BAS is the default reporting method for small businesses.

    Taxi drivers must report GST using one of the following methods:

    • Simpler BAS – this method allows you to only calculate and report G1, 1A and 1B in your BAS and pay your actual amounts quarterly.
    • Pay a pre-determined GST instalment amount quarterly and report your actual GST information annually – to be eligible, you need to have reported actual GST amounts for at least four months (for example, two quarterly business activity statements) and you can't be in a net refund position.
    • Full reporting – you must calculate and report all the GST labels in your BAS and pay your actual GST amounts quarterly.

    Reporting annually is not available to taxi drivers.

    Example of electronic Simpler BAS form

    The following example of an electronic Simpler BAS form shows the three labels you need to complete.

    Example Simpler BAS form - Goods and services tax (GST) - complete labels: G1 - total sales, 1A - GST on sales, 1B - GST on purchases.

    Example of paper Simpler BAS form

    The following is an example of a paper Simpler BAS form. Complete G1, 1A and 1B and do not complete the other GST labels. Option 2 is not available.

    Blank example of paper BAS form for Simpler BAS reporting. Complete Option 1 or 2 or 3 (indicate one choice with an X). Option 1: Calculate GST and report quarterlyOption 2: Calculate GST and report annuallyOption 3: Pay GST instalment amount quarterly.

    Reporting sales and purchases

    You must include income and expenses from all of your business activities, including taxi driving, on your BAS.

    G1 Total sales includes all your income from:

    • taxi takings total sales (for example, cash, credit cards, Cabcharge) including tolls and extras such as baggage handling
    • tips
    • any WorkCover payments you have received.

    1B GST on purchases includes the GST on all purchases.

    Reporting using Simpler BAS

    To report using Simpler BAS you only need to report:

    • G1 Total sales
    • 1A GST on sales
    • 1B GST on purchases.

    You can contact us to change your GST reporting method.

    Reporting using the full reporting method

    If you have chosen the full reporting method:

    • in G1 Total sales include all your income from:    
      • taxi takings (cash, credit cards, Cabcharge, etc) including tolls and extras such as baggage handling
      • tips
      • any WorkCover payments you have received.
    • in G11 Non-capital purchases include:    
      • the bailment payment or shift rent that you pay the taxi operator
      • fuel, oil and car washes you purchase
      • insurance payments
      • uniforms (where they are normally tax deductible)
      • business telephone expenses
      • accounting fees
      • payments without GST in the price (such as bank fees and license fees).

    If you have chosen Option 3, there will be a figure in the box at G21. If you need to vary this amount, fill out the rest of Option 3.

    Amount to pay

    The figure at 9 Your payment or refund amount is the amount you must pay. If the result is a negative number, this is your refund amount.

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