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  • Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive

    The Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive (JMEI) encourages investment in greenfields minerals exploration companies.

    About the JMEI
    What the JMEI is, the annual exploration credits caps and how we allocate exploration credits.

    Eligible exploration companies
    Check if you are eligible to participate in the JMEI.

    Greenfields minerals exploration expenditure
    How to determine your greenfields minerals exploration expenditure for an income year.

    How to participate in the JMEI
    Work out how to participate in the JMEI, including completing the form and due dates.

    What to do if you receive exploration credits
    How to determine if you're entitled to a tax offset or franking credit equal to your share of exploration credits.

    Reporting information about the JMEI
    See what type of information we are required to publish about the JMEI.

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