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  • Select your default super fund

    As an employer, you must select a default super fund that you will pay your employee's super into if they haven't chosen a fund.

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    Why you need a default super fund

    Most employees can choose a super fund. You pay their super into that fund.

    However, if your employee hasn't chosen a fund, or isn't eligible to choose one, you must pay their super into your nominated (default) fund. This is called the 'employer-nominated fund.'

    You give your employee the details of this fund in section B of the Standard choice form.

    Selecting a fund

    The super fund you nominate must:

    • be a complying fund (one that meets specific requirements and obligations under super law)
    • be registered by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and offer a MySuper product (these are cost-effective superannuation products with a basic set of features).

    To confirm that a fund meets these requirements, you can:

    Ensure you keep records confirming that your nominated fund offers a MySuper product.


    It is illegal for a super fund to give benefits to employers as an incentive to use them as their default fund.

    Example of incentives include:

    • corporate hospitality
    • free or discounted holidays
    • discounted rates on products or services.

    If you think a fund is offering incentives to join, you can report it to ASICExternal Link.

    However, it is not illegal for a super fund to give benefits to your employees as an incentive for them to choose their fund. These could include financial literacy seminars or preferential death benefits.

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