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General value shifting regime – rulings, law and objections

The primary legislative references and extrinsic material relating to the general value shifting regime.

Last updated 19 July 2017

The ATO Legal Database provides access to legal and policy information used by the ATO to make decisions.

The information below contains links to relevant general value shifting regime (GVSR) information located on the ATO Legal Database.

Legislation and supporting material

Primary legislative references

The GVSR covers three categories of value shifting:

  1. Direct value shifts through creation of rights over non-depreciating assets.
  2. Direct value shifts of equity or loan interests in a single company or trust.
  3. Indirect value shifts of equity or loan interests in companies and trusts not dealing with each other at arm's length.

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Consolidation interactions

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Transitional relief

Schedule 2 of the Taxation Laws Amendment Act (No. 2) 2004 modifies the application of the indirect value shifting rules to exclude most services related value shifts during the consolidation transitional period.

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ATO interpretative decisions

An ATO interpretative decision (ATO ID) is a summary of a decision on an interpretative issue and is indicative of our view on the interpretation of the law on that particular issue.

ATO IDs are produced to help ATO officers apply the law consistently and accurately to particular situations.

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