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Annual compliance arrangement (ACA)

Large businesses can choose to enter into an annual compliance arrangement (ACA) with us.

Last updated 7 November 2018

The Annual compliance arrangement (ACA) is an administrative arrangement developed to manage the compliance relationship with you in an open and transparent environment.

Entering into an ACA with us helps to identify tax issues early to avoid costly audits and tax disputes.

As an administrative arrangement, the terms of an ACA will not override the application of the law and the policies administered under those laws.

We encourage our ACA clients to enter into a whole-of-tax ACA arrangement, for example, income tax, GST, excise, PRRT and FBT, as required.

If a whole-of-tax ACA is impractical for our ACA clients, we will discuss ways in which a whole or multi-tax ACA could be practically considered.

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