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Income segment

Last updated 4 December 2018

While the corporate transparency population represents the largest entities operating in Australia, the majority of tax payable is accounted for by a small number of very large entities.

Corporate entities with income of more than $5 billion represent only 3% of the corporate transparency population, but are liable for 53% ($20 billion) of the tax payable for the population (Figure 8). While this share of tax payable figure is down from 60% in the previous year, largely due to declines in energy and resources, it still represents a significant share of tax payable for an extremely small number of companies.

Figure 8: Corporate entities by income segment, 2015–16

Entities in the population are grouped into three income range segments. This figure shows the number of corporate entities in each income range segment, the number with positive taxable income and tax payable amounts, and the amount of tax payable. In 2015–16, a majority of corporate entities fell within the income segment of between $0.25 billion and $4.99 billion. These entities contributed around $15.5 billion or 40% of tax payable. A small number of entities—representing about 3% of the population—were in the income segment of $5 billion or more, and contributed more than $20 billion or 53% of tax payable. The remainder of the population fell within the income segment of between $0.1 billion and $0.249 billion and contributed a relatively small proportion of tax payable for the population.