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Population overview

Last updated 12 December 2018

The 2016–17 corporate transparency population consists of 2,109 entities, which reflects a net increase of 68 entities from the previous year. The 2016–17 population includes 1,770 entities that were reported in the 2015–16 population, and 339 that were not (Figure 11).

Figure 11: Entities in scope for the 2016–17 corporate transparency report1

In 2016–17, 2,109 entities were in scope for the transparency report. Of these, 1,770 carried over from the previous year and 339 were new to the transparency population.

1The 2015-16 report was corrected post its publication in December 2017. Two entities have been removed from the report and the figures for one entity were revised. These changes have been reflected in the data.