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Typical questions in a Top 1000 combined assurance review

In a Combined Assurance Review, we need to gather the evidence to assure that you are paying the right amount of tax.

Last updated 16 August 2022

In our first request for information, the typical questions we ask are listed below:

Income tax:


The list is not exhaustive and in some cases, we will ask additional or modified questions which may be relevant to your business.

Our reviews generally focus on 4 income years and 12 months reporting period for GST. Information is likely to be requested for this time period.

We encourage large multinational and public groups within the scope of the Top 1,000 Program to consider the questions and prepare for a Combined Assurance Review under the Top 1,000 Program before it starts.

Timely provision of information assists us in effectively obtaining confidence that you paid the right amount of income tax and there are no tax risks to be followed-up.