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What attracts our attention

The behaviours, characteristics and tax issues that attract our attention.

Last updated 30 April 2023

What are privately owned and wealthy groups

We view privately owned and wealthy groups as:

  • companies and their associated subsidiaries (often referred to as economic groups) with an annual turnover greater than $10 million, that are not public groups or foreign owned
  • resident individuals who, together with their business associates, control net wealth over $5 million.

We provide information and services tailored to help you and your tax advisers get things right.

Behaviours and characteristics we look at

We publish information on the behaviours, characteristics and tax issues of privately owned and wealthy groups that attract our attention to:

  • help you get things right
  • be transparent in our dealings with you.

The following behaviours and characteristics may attract our attention:

  • tax or economic performance not comparable to similar businesses
  • low transparency of your tax affairs
  • adviser influence on your tax affairs
  • large, one-off or unusual transactions, including the transfer or shifting of wealth
  • aggressive tax planning
  • tax outcomes inconsistent with the intent of the tax law
  • choosing not to comply, or regularly taking controversial interpretations of the law, without engaging with us
  • lifestyle not supported by after-tax income
  • accessing business assets for tax-free private use
  • poor governance and risk-management systems.

Your concerns

If you're concerned about your tax or super position, you can:

If you know or suspect illegal phoenix activity, tax evasion or shadow economy behaviour you can either:

  • complete the tip-off form – the form is also available in the contact us section of the ATO app
  • phone the Shadow Economy hotline on 1800 060 062.

Your information is treated confidentially, and tip-offs can be made anonymously. You don't have to give your name if you don't want to.

Avoiding or delaying payment of tax by not lodging your tax obligations when required will attract our attention.

Risks that attract our attention on the structure and transactions of privately owned wealthy groups.

Explanation of transactions and taxes that attract our attention.

We detect and deal with those who avoid paying their fair share of tax or try to claim payments they're not entitled to.