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Tailored Compliance Services

Find out how our compliance services are tailored to deliver the services you need to manage your tax risks.

Last updated 25 September 2018

We use a risk differentiated framework to tailor our engagement based on our understanding of your risk position, circumstances, choices and behaviours. Our engagement varies with our assessment of your circumstances and our level of concern. Wherever possible, we aim to engage early and resolve straightforward matters in a timely and efficient manner. This may be through telephone calls, pre-lodgment correspondence, questionnaires or checklists.

Reasons why we might contact you:

  • raising awareness about the applicability of a new law
  • verifying possible anomalies identified through data matching
  • verifying the integrity of claims for activity statement refunds
  • verifying the authenticity of new GST registrations
  • seeking lodgment of schedules that should have been included with income tax returns
  • requesting further information to support our risk assessment.

Where we suspect significant risks requiring further examination, we are guided by the facts of each case and generally conduct a review, audit or both. To prevent risks and issues escalating into reviews and audits, we encourage you to engage with us in real time before you lodge your tax return or alternatively we may engage with you early to discuss our view of the law. We will be transparent about the nature of our concerns and provide opportunities for you to disclose any known errors or mistakes. This may lead to a reduction in the penalties that would otherwise apply.

In some limited circumstances, we may not contact you before assessments are issued. This might happen where there is the potential for dissipation of assets, or where such advice could compromise the investigation of another agency.

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