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Paying tax

Find out how you can contact us early so we can work with you if you owe tax or are finding it hard to pay on time.

Last updated 25 September 2018

We focus on making it as easy as possible for individuals and businesses to pay their tax on time or promptly address any debt that arises.

We offer a range of online tools and services to help you self-manage your debt. These include:

  • a prepayment option to make payments at any time and as often as you like to make it easier to manage your tax
  • online payment plan services for debts $200,000 or less – if you are an individual or sole trader with an income tax bill or an activity statement amount of $200,000 or less, you may be able to use our online services to set up a payment plan. You’ll need a myGov account linked to the ATO.
  • an automated phone service for debts $200,000 or less – if your tax bill is $200,000 or less you may be able to use our automated service to arrange a late payment or pay by instalments. Phone our automated service on 13 28 65 for individuals or 13 72 26 for business.
    • If your tax bill is greater than $200,000 phone us on 13 11 42 to discuss your circumstances
  • a payment plan estimator to work out a plan that meets your circumstances
  • a business viability assessment tool to assess your business's ability to pay its debts and meet ongoing commitments
  • a business performance check tool as part of the ATO app for you to check the financial health of your business.

We know most people want to pay and we can work with you to find a way forward. If you fail to pay the amounts you owe us we may take stronger action, this can include garnishees (getting your bank or employer to use money they hold for you to pay your tax bill), director penalties and insolvency proceedings.

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