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Amendment periods

The standard period in which we can amend an assessment for large business taxpayers is four years. We will work with you to establish timeframes to minimise disruption.

Last updated 1 June 2015

Income tax

Different amendment periods apply to some cases where transfer pricing, research and development and capital gains tax is involved.

Effective lines of communication and cooperation will help to keep compliance activities on schedule.

Generally, you will be given every reasonable opportunity to present your case before we issue an amended assessment. We are conscious of possible financial and reputation risks associated with a debt adjustment and we take due care to ensure that adjustments are based on reasonable grounds.

Indirect taxes – GST, wine equalisation tax, fuel tax credits and luxury car tax

If we make an adjustment to your activity statement as a result of compliance activity (whether to increase or decrease your liability), we will do it by making an assessment and issuing a notice of assessment. For tax periods commencing on or after 1 July 2012 this will usually be an amended assessment.

We take care to ensure any adjustments are based on reasonable grounds. Before we issue such an assessment, we will generally provide you with details and reasons for any adjustment and give you the opportunity to raise any concerns.

Excise (fuel, alcohol and tobacco)

If we identify an adjustment to your excise liability, we will work with you to amend the appropriate excise return.

If you disagree with an identified adjustment in excise liability, you will have the opportunity to present your case before we issue a demand for the amount of excise duty.

Product Stewardship for Oil program and cleaner fuels grants scheme

You can claim a Product Stewardship for Oil benefit or cleaner fuels grant up to three years after the start of the claim period in which your entitlement arose. You may request an amendment within two years of the end of the claim period (or such further period as we allow). We can make amendments to your grants or benefits at any time.

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