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Executive summary

Last updated 24 July 2023

This report is produced based on the information you provided in the ATO Peppol eInvoicing value assessment.

If you adopt Peppol eInvoicing and transition your key trading partners to this channel, your business will attain greater digital maturity and reduce your risk of invoice fraud. The higher the rate of Peppol adoption, the greater are the benefits.

In developing your business case, we recommend considering the following key points:

  • the opportunities that Peppol eInvoicing can unlock for your organisation as the framework that facilitates interoperability between different systems and supports the many-to-many (as opposed to direct integration with individual trading partners) exchange of eInvoices and other procurement documents with a ‘connect once, connect to all’ setup
  • financial benefits, such as productivity savings and prevention of financial losses that may result from billing scams, and
  • intangible benefits, such as future proofing your organisation when doing business with government and organisations preferring or requiring eInvoicing and supporting Australian small business who benefit from being able to trade using the same open data standard with all businesses.

To support your business case, this report provides high-level calculations for accounts receivable and accounts payable costs. It also explains how the costs per sales and purchase invoice are calculated in the assessment and outlines the exceptions used in the calculation, including their assumed rates.

To help size your implementation project, the report outlines the overarching pathways that a business will follow to get set up for eInvoicing. This will depend on your current system and whether it is eInvoicing ready. Both factors will also help determine the complexity of the eInvoicing project, its duration, and resourcing requirements.

The implementation costs in this report are split into setup costs and change management. The setup cost is averaged to make this assessment work for a broad range of users. For the same reason, this assessment does not include change management costs. To minimise the change impacts as part of your transition to Peppol, the adoption rate applied in this assessment is limited to your top 5 suppliers and/or customers. This report includes links to the relevant information on our website, including how to onboard your trading partners and implement this change internally, that will supplement your knowledge of Peppol eInvoicing gained by reading this report.