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What is eInvoicing?

About eInvoicing, the new standardised way of exchanging invoices directly between suppliers' and buyers' software.

Last updated 2 November 2022

eInvoicing is the digital exchange of standardised invoice information between suppliers' and buyers' software through the secure Peppol network.

eInvoicing is a more efficient, accurate and secure way, and is different to, sending and receiving invoices as PDFs and emails.

Media: EInvoicing basics Link (Duration: 00:54)


With eInvoicing:

  • suppliers don't need to print, post or email paper-based or PDF invoices
  • buyers don't need to manually enter or scan invoices into their software
  • businesses can connect once and immediately transact with everyone on the same network, no matter what eInvoicing-enabled software they use.

Australia has adopted the Peppol framework as the common standard and network for eInvoicing.

The government nominated the ATO as Australia's Peppol Authority based on our experience with similar digital initiatives such as Single Touch Payroll.

Our role as the Australian Peppol Authority is to ensure the eInvoicing standard is implemented consistently by all digital service providers in the eInvoicing network.

We can’t see your invoice information, and we don't receive a copy of this information. eInvoicing is not a compliance or revenue measure.

For more information about eInvoicing, see Benefits of eInvoicing.

How your business can enjoy the benefits eInvoicing.