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Excise on alcohol

Understand your alcohol excise obligations, including registration, licensing, lodgment, payment and record keeping.

Understand your excise obligations and key terms if your business manufactures, produces or stores excisable alcohol.

Your excise obligations if your business manufactures beer, stores underbond or sells beer.

Your excise obligations if your business manufactures, stores underbond, or sells spirits or other excisable beverages.

How to get an excise licence to manufacture, produce, or store underbond alcohol products and tell us of changes.

How to apply for permission to move underbond excisable goods between excise-licensed premises or to a place of export.

Find the current excise duty rates for alcohol on beer, spirits and other excisable beverages.

Work out the excise duty you need to pay on alcohol using the volume and strength of your final product.

How to lodge an excise return and pay excise duty on alcohol and alcohol products.

How to claim a refund, drawback or remission on excisable alcohol.

Find out how to get a remission of alcohol excise duty for supply or manufacture through the remission scheme.

Learn which records your business needs to keep if you hold an excise licence for alcohol products.

Understand what illicit alcohol is and how we respond to it.