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How to complete Form two: GST property settlement date confirmation

Information to help you complete Form two.

Last updated 16 November 2021

Before you start, review all the details entered on Form one: GST property settlement withholding notification including the spelling of names, supplier details, withholding amount and address details. If any of the details are incorrect (excluding the expected settlement date) you need to contact us.

After confirming all details were lodged correctly and you're ready to start, ensure you have the following information available:

  • the LRN and PRN we gave you when you lodged Form one
  • a copy of your lodged form or email confirmation from us
  • the actual settlement date. If your contract is an instalment contract, this is the date you paid the first instalment (not the date you paid the deposit).

Forms are completed online. You must complete and lodge each form in one session. You can't save an incomplete form and return to complete it at a later time.

If you're unsure how to complete this form after reading these instructions or you have any issues, support is available when lodging via:

Contact details

Don't include brackets or spaces in phone numbers.

Transaction details

You can find your lodgment reference number (LRN) and payment reference number (PRN) on either:

  • the email we issued to you when you lodged Form one
  • your copy of the completed Form one.

Show the settlement date as 'dd/mm/yyyy' or select it using the calendar icon. The settlement date is the date of settlement for the sale. If it's an instalment contract, it's the date you pay the first instalment (not the date you paid the deposit).


Complete the declaration section of the form.

You can then lodge Form two online.

Confirmation screen

The confirmation screen shows you have successfully lodged your form. It shows the:

  • ATO receipt ID
  • payment reference number (PRN)
  • settlement date.

We recommend you:

  • keep a copy of the form by selecting Print friendly version to save or print the form
  • provide a copy to the purchaser if you are their representative
  • advise the supplier you have received confirmation of your form.

After you lodge Form two

Your obligations aren't complete until you make the withholding payment to us.

Check the details on Form two are correct (for example, the settlement date and total withholding payment).

If any details have changed since lodging the form, you need to contact us.

If your contract isn't completed

If for some reason the contract isn't completed (settled) or cancelled, you aren't obliged to withhold an amount or to lodge forms. If you have lodged either or both forms, you need to cancel your forms.

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