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WET is calculated on the taxable value of assessable dealings such as sales, imports and applications to own use.

Last updated 12 February 2017

WET is 29% of the taxable value of 'assessable dealings', such as sales, imports and own use of wine.

For example, the taxable value of a wholesale sale is the price for which the wine is sold (before WET and GST are applied).

Depending on individual contracts of sale, the price for which the wine is sold may include things such as freight costs, or may be decreased by settlement discounts or volume rebates.

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For wholesale sales apply the 29% WET rate to the pre-tax sale price then calculate the GST on the WET-inclusive price.

Check which method works for your circumstances to calculate WET on retail sales.

A wine's taxable value must be based on prices that would be used if the transaction was at arm's length.

The Department of Home Affairs collects WET on wine imported into Australia that is subject to WET.