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Overseas employment FBT concessions

Find out if holiday transport, overseas FIFO or child education for international employees qualifies for concessions.

Last updated 11 January 2023

Holiday transport for international employees

When you pay for an employee to travel from and return to an overseas employment location, you may be able to reduce the taxable value of the fringe benefit. For more information, see FBT guide: 19.3 Transport reductions.

The concession applies to both:

  • Australian employees posted overseas
  • overseas residents posted to Australia.

Overseas FIFO transport

Transport you provide to your Australian resident employees who work in remote areas overseas under a fly-in/fly-out arrangement is exempt from fringe benefits tax (FBT) if certain conditions are met.

For more information see:

Child education for international employees

An FBT concession applies to certain education costs for a child of either:

  • your Australian employee posted overseas
  • an overseas resident employee posted to Australia.

For more information, see FBT guide: 19.5 Other reductions.