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When to pay and report on activity statements

You need to pay amounts withheld to us and report those amounts on activity statements.

Last updated 11 June 2018

Due dates for paying and reporting withheld amounts depend on whether you are a small, medium or large withholder.

The withholding cycle is the period of time that you have to notify and pay us amounts withheld (for example, monthly, quarterly). It is determined by the actual or estimated annual withholding amount.

The activity statements received by small and medium withholders will show the date the completed form and payment is due to us.

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Small withholders

  • withholds $25,000 or less a year
  • pays withholding amounts to us each quarter
  • reports withholding on activity statements received each quarter
  • can arrange to receive monthly activity statements by contacting our extended-hours business service.

Medium withholders

  • withholds $25,001 to $1 million a year
  • pays withholding amounts to us each month
  • reports withholding on activity statements received each month.

Large withholders

  • an individual or business that withheld amounts totalling more than $1 million in a previous financial year, or is part of a company group that has withheld more than $1 million in a previous financial year
  • amounts withheld are paid, and sent electronically to us, twice a week
  • date for payment depends upon the day withholding took place:
Withholding dates for payment

If you withhold an amount on:

You must pay the withheld amount to us on:

Monday or Tuesday

the following Monday


second Thursday after that day

Thursday or Friday

the following Thursday

Saturday or Sunday

second Monday after that day

Note: When the due date is a public holiday, you may pay on the next working day.

Large withholder's discretionary extensions to payments

From time to time, you may make payments of small amounts outside your regular payment cycle.

You may delay payment to us until the next regular payment date if the amount is the lesser of either:

  • 0.5% of the amount you withheld in the previous financial year
  • $50,000.

If the total amount is more, the total amount must be paid by the relevant due date, unless you apply to the Commissioner in writing to extend the due date for payment of an amount that exceeds the threshold.

The request needs to state the reasons why the extension should be allowed. It will be assessed on its own merits, however these requests will only be granted in rare circumstances.

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Dedicated contact services

Large withholders that are unable to pay withheld amounts

If you are unable to pay the withheld amount to us you must phone us on 1300 728 060.

For each withheld amount that you are unable to pay, we need to know the:

  • amount owed
  • date the withholding applies to
  • reason you are unable to pay that amount by the due date.

Large withholders may offset a net GST credit against a PAYG withholding liability

If you have a net GST credit for a tax period, it can be offset against your PAYG withholding liability. GST credits can only be offset against one withholding liability in any GST reporting period.

To ensure your entitlement to GST credits is recorded on your account, you must:

  • complete a PAYG withholding liability notification form (NAT 3302), telling us how much withholding you will be liable to pay one working day before your withholding due date
  • lodge the form at least 48 hours before lodging your BAS by either  
  • lodge your BAS on or before the due date - it will establish your entitlement to a GST credit.
  • pay the amount owing to us by the due date. If any credit remains after the offset, it will be offset against other tax liabilities or refunded to you. We cannot refund any amount unless you have lodged all required activity statements.

Our large business specialists can provide you with further information or assistance, including enquiries about debt and lodgment obligations.

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