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How to report Single Touch Payroll data

You can send Single Touch Payroll (STP) data to us in a few ways.

Last updated 4 November 2023

Your options to send STP data

How you send STP information to us depends on the software you use. There are three types of solutions. After you run your payroll you can either send the STP information:
  • directly to us from your payroll software
  • through a third party sending service provider (SSP) which is integrated into your software
  • through a third party sending service provider (SSP) service which is outside your software.

To find out what type of solution is suitable you can:

Option one: Report through existing payroll or accounting solution

You can report from your existing payroll or accounting software if it is STP-enabled.

Next steps

  • Talk to your software provider to find out what they offer and what you need to do
  • Read our Get ready and Start reporting checklists

Option two: Choose STP-enabled payroll software

If you don't currently use payroll software, you can find a suitable product for your business needs, including micro employers (1–4 employees) on the product register.

Next steps

  • Talk to your registered tax or BAS agent to find out which payroll software product would best suit your business needs
  • Look at the product register to find STP payroll softwareExternal Link

Option three: Ask a third party to report for you

You can ask a third party to report for you, for example a:

  • registered tax or BAS agent
  • payroll service provider.

It is your obligation to make sure the third party will be reporting for you through STP-enabled software.

If you use a registered tax or BAS agent, talk to them about your options. They may be able to report through STP for you, or work with you to outsource your payroll to a payroll service provider.

Payroll service providers who are providing a STP reporting service must be registered as a tax or BAS agent. You can check their registration details with the Tax Practitioners BoardExternal Link.