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Completing your business activity statement

How to record your fuel tax credit claim on your BAS.

Last updated 2 April 2017

How to complete your BAS

On your BAS, you must record at fuel tax credit label 7D:

  • your fuel tax credit amount for the BAS period
  • any adjustments that will increase your fuel tax credit amount for the BAS period.

If you have nothing to report at label 7D, write ‘0’ – do not leave it blank.

If you need to make an adjustment in a BAS period that will decrease your fuel tax credit amount, you must include this at fuel tax credit label 7C.

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Claiming for earlier BAS periods

You can do this using your current BAS, or by revising the earlier BAS when you acquired the fuel.

Omitted fuel

If you omitted fuel tax credits in an earlier BAS, and you are including it in your current BAS, you need use the fuel tax credit rate that applied back when you acquired the fuel.

Fuel tax credits and contractual arrangements

Service and supply contracts you hold may include the following:

  • which party to the contract will claim the fuel tax credits on eligible fuel use
  • if any increase in fuel costs can be passed on and/or any reductions can be passed back following receipt of fuel tax credits; for example, using rise and fall provisions.

Only one entity can claim fuel tax credits. Including details in the contract of how fuel costs are to be managed may help to determine which entity should claim the fuel tax credits. However, even though a contract may state that one party can claim fuel tax credits, you are only entitled to fuel tax credits if you have acquired and used the fuel in your business. If you are still not sure if you are entitled to fuel tax credits, you can apply for a private ruling.

See also:

  • How to apply for a private ruling
  • FTR 2007/1 Fuel tax: the meaning of 'acquire', 'manufacture' and 'import' in the expression 'taxable fuel that you acquire or manufacture in, or import into, Australia to the extent that you do so for use in carrying on your enterprise' in the Fuel Tax Act 2006
  • FTR 2009/1 Fuel tax: entitlement to a fuel tax credit under section 41-5 of the Fuel Tax Act 2006 in a vehicle or equipment hire arrangement.

GST instalments

Fuel tax credits can only be claimed on your BAS. They cannot be claimed on your annual GST return.

If you pay GST instalments and register for fuel tax credits, you will no longer receive instalment notices. Instead, you will receive a quarterly BAS.

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