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Fuel tax credits – non-business

Information about fuel tax credits for non-business use of fuel.

Last updated 26 September 2021

Fuel tax credits provide you with a credit for the fuel tax (excise or customs duty) included in the price of fuel.

If you are not registered, or not required to be registered, for goods and services tax (GST) you may be eligible to claim fuel tax credits for fuel used to:

  • generate domestic electricity – for your home, house or household use
  • operate emergency vehicles or vessels – if you are a non-profit organisation.

Find out about:

Use the rates listed for each financial year to work out your fuel tax credit rates for non-business.

Check your eligibility to register for fuel tax credits if you use fuel for non business purposes.

Keep records of your fuel acquisition and the method or measure of quantities you claim.

How to claim fuel tax credits for individuals and non-profit organisations.

We will work out your fuel tax credit amount and pay it into your nominated bank account.