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In detail

Detailed information about fuel schemes.

Check what customs or excise duty or GST you must pay for bunker fuel used in commercial shipping bunkers.

Methods and measures to help calculate the eligible quantity.

You can claim fuel tax credits for blended fuels, including common fuel blends, certain other fuel blends and fuel blends used for heavy vehicles for travelling on public roads.

Claim fuel tax credits if you operate a business that involve fuels not used in an internal combustion engine.

How to claim fuel tax credits if you sell fuel for domestic home heating.

If you pay GST instalments and are eligible for fuel tax credits, you must claim on a business activity statement.

You can claim fuel tax credits for eligible fuels you use in heavy vehicles with a GVM greater than 4.5 tonnes.

Keep good records for five years after claiming to support your claim for a cleaner fuel grant.

How to make adjustments and correct errors for fuel tax credits on your business activity statement (BAS).