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Sharing economy and tax

How to determine if your activities are part of the sharing economy and the impact on your super and tax.

Work out what activities are part of the sharing economy and how income tax and GST apply.

Being a ride-sourcing driver (sometimes referred to as ride-sharing) means you have tax obligations.

What you need to know if you rent out part of your home or your entire home through the sharing economy.

Sharing assets is where you rent or hire an asset you own or lease, for a fee through a digital platform.

If you're providing services through a digital platform for a fee, this income needs to be reported in your tax return.

Ways to contribute to your own super from income you earn from the sharing economy.

Income you earn from the sharing economy may not have tax withheld, which means you might end up with a tax bill.

How and why we request data from various platforms in the sharing economy.

Detailed information about the sharing economy and tax.