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Providing ride-sourcing services requires an Australian business number (ABN), and be registered for and pay GST.

Last updated 11 June 2019

If you're a ride-sourcing driver, you must be registered for GST before your first trip. To be registered for GST, you need to have an ABN.

Ride-sourcing is taxi travel for GST purposes. The standard GST registration rule for GST turnover of $75,000 or more does not apply when it comes to ride-sourcing – you have to register for GST regardless of how much you earn.

You can get an ABN and register for GST at the same time if you register online, or a registered tax or BAS agent can do this for you.

When applying for an ABN, use the following details:

  • type ‘taxi ride sourcing’ as your business description
  • select 'taxi driver' (except owner/operator)' or 'taxi cab service'.

When registering for GST, you need to:

  • register from the date you intend to, or started, ride-sourcing
  • choose to report your GST payments monthly or quarterly (you can't choose annually).

Once you have registered for GST, provide your ABN to the platform you're using, as they may issue tax invoices for you.

If you already have an ABN but haven't registered for GST yet, you have to register within 21 days from the time you start providing ride-sourcing services. You can register for GST online, by phone or through your registered agent.

If you're already registered for GST, for example as an IT contractor, you can use the same GST registration for your ride-sourcing activities.

Fuel tax credits

You aren't entitled to claim fuel tax credits, so registration for fuel tax credits is not required.

Fuel tax credits can only be claimed for eligible fuels and activities. Fuels used in light vehicles travelling on public roads, including for ride-sourcing services, aren't eligible.

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