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GST-free supplies for non-residents

Find out about GST-free supplies (sales) for non-residents.

Last updated 23 February 2021

Under Australian GST law some sales are GST-free. This term is generally the same as:

  • zero rated (in other countries with VAT/GST systems)
  • exempt (in countries with sales tax systems).

Food and beverages

Most basic food and beverage items are GST-free. This includes some food and beverage ingredients. Non-essential food and beverage items are taxable – for example, confectionery or savoury snacks. 

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Medical services

Medical services are GST-free if either:

  • a benefit is payable for the services under the Australian Medicare legislation
  • the service is both  
    • provided by or on behalf of a medical practitioner registered under a law of a State or Territory of Australia
    • generally accepted as being necessary for the appropriate treatment of the recipient. 

This is subject to some exceptions, such as cosmetic procedures, which are taxable.

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Medical aids and appliances

Medical aids and appliances (including spare parts for medical aids and appliances) are GST-free if the items are all of the following:

  • specifically listed in the GST legislation
  • specifically designed for people with an illness or disability
  • not widely used by people without an illness or disability.

Goods that assist in medical research or the manufacture of medical aids and appliances are not included, for example 3D printers and related software.

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Education courses and materials

Generally, an education course is GST-free if the course or institution providing the course is accredited either:

  • under the relevant law of a state or territory of Australia
  • by the Education Minister.

Education course materials are GST-free when provided by the entity supplying the GST-free education course.  The materials used by the students doing the course for the purpose of the course, for example, photocopied or printed course notes for a GST-free education course, are GST-free.

However, some materials, used in education courses are not GST-free, for example textbooks. 

Cars and car parts for eligible people

The purchase or lease of a car and certain car parts can be GST-free when made by an eligible:

  • disabled veteran
  • person with a disability who is gainfully employed.

To receive car or car parts GST-free, a declaration for exemption must be completed and presented to the car or car parts supplier.

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