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Progress of your endorsement application

If your endorsement application is approved your charity will receive an endorsement notification. There are review rights if your application is delayed or refused.

Last updated 18 June 2017

The following information outlines what happens after you lodge your endorsement application.

Endorsement notification

If your application for endorsement is approved, your charity will receive an endorsement notification that states the type of charity it is and the tax concessions it has been endorsed to access.

The ABN Lookup at Link displays information about charities that have been endorsed to access charity tax concessions. If you do not want this information publicly displayed, you need to waive your entitlement to the charity tax concessions.

Delays in notification

If you believe we are taking too long to notify you about your charity's endorsement, you can have your application treated as if it has been refused. The deemed refusal will trigger formal review rights.

The earliest you can notify us that you want your charity's application treated as if it had been refused is the later of the:

  • end of the 60th day after you made the application
  • end of the 28th day after the last day on which you gave us information that we requested.

To treat your application as if it had been refused, we must receive written notice from you that you want it treated this way. Your application will be deemed to be refused on the day you give us notice.

Refusal of applications

If your application for endorsement is refused, we will provide you with a clear explanation of our decision. At your request, we will review any of our decisions or actions affecting your organisation and try to resolve any problems quickly and informally. If you want us to do this, you should contact the person handling your case, or the area of the ATO where the decision was made or where the action was taken.

You also have the right under the law to ask for a review by lodging an objection against the refusal or deemed refusal.

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