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Gifts and fundraising

Your organisation's tax situation, government requirements and tax deductions your supporters can claim.

To be eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts, your organisation must be a deductible gift recipient (DGR).

If you can claim, how much you can claim, when you can claim, what records you need to keep when you make a donation.

Contributors' responsibility for finding the value of a contribution made to a DGR for an eligible fundraising event.

The factors that will affect your tax, whether you are running or supporting fundraising events.

Working with organisations to encourage employees to donate or contribute by workplace giving or salary sacrifice.

The various taxes that may apply to the running of your not-for-profit (NFP) organisation.

Donations to help the victims of a disaster in Australia or overseas are tax deductible if made to a DGR.

You can start your own DGR, collect for and established DGR or collect funds without supporters getting a tax deduction.

Detailed information about gifts and fundraising for not-for-profit organisations.