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Running fundraising events

If you run a fundraising event your donors may make contributions, like the cost of a ticket to attend your event. Because they get a benefit they have not made a gift; however, they may be able to claim a portion of their contribution as a tax deduction.

Last updated 24 July 2017

If your donor does not benefit from the donation, it may be tax-deductible as a gift.

For your donors to be able to claim tax deductibility there are various conditions that must be met. The things you must do are:

  • Ensure your organisation is a DGR.
  • Advise your donors if any parts of their contributions are tax deductible, and if so, how much (that is, let them know what the minor benefit is).
  • Provide your donors with receipts.
  • Comply with state, territory and local government fundraising requirements.
  • Run fewer than a total of 15 events of the same type in one financial year.

You should also be aware of your organisation’s tax situation – for example, whether it has to pay income tax on the proceeds it receives from the event.

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