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Avoid losing deductible gift recipient status

Last updated 10 November 2022

Time is running out to avoid losing deductible gift recipient (DGR) status. Most non-government DGR organisations need to be registered as a charity before 14 December 2022 or they will lose DGR status.

It is important that you check now whether your organisation meets the requirements for DGR endorsement.

Your DGR must:

If your organisation does not meet one of the above criteria, you will need to register it as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) before 14 December to keep its DGR endorsement.

You can visit the ACNC websiteExternal Link to check the charity registration eligibility requirements and ongoing obligations. You can also make an online application via the ACNC Charity Portal.

Need more time?

If you are an eligible organisation and need more time to meet the requirements, you can apply for a 3-year extension. This includes if you have already requested charity registration with the ACNC and it is still in progress.

You must submit your 3-year extension application before 14 December for it to be considered. If approved, you will have until 14 December 2025 to meet the new eligibility requirements for DGR endorsement.

What if you don't meet the requirements?

DGRs that don't meet the new eligibility requirements or haven't applied for a 3-year extension by the required date will no longer be entitled to DGR endorsement and will have their status revoked.