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My refund is less than I expected

Last updated 6 October 2022

In September we sent out awareness letters to some not-for-profits, small businesses and individuals advising them they had a debt on hold and any credits or refunds would be offset against this debt.

Consequently, those individuals and organisations may find that their refund amount is less than they expected.

This process of offsetting refunds or credits temporarily paused due to the pandemic and its financial impact on taxpayers. Since June 2022, we have restarted offsetting refunds and credits to pay off debts on hold.

A debt on hold is usually payable if:

  • your situation has changed, and we have reason to believe you are now able to pay the debt
  • you agree to pay your debt, or
  • you have a refund or credit balance which will automatically be deducted, to offset your debt on hold.

You can search for debt on hold transactions by following the steps on our debts on hold page.

General interest charges may still be applicable to debts on hold.

If your clients are experiencing financial hardship, you can check our website or phone us on 13 11 42 to find out about support options available.

Options are also available if your not-for-profit organisation is struggling to lodge or pay their tax and super obligations.