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Setting up a Strong myGovID

Last updated 1 February 2022

A myGovID is a digital identity that lets you prove who you are. You can use your myGovID to access government online services on behalf of your not-for-profit organisation.

Strong identity strength with face verification is an optional new feature in the myGovID app. Setting this up better protects your identity and will allow you to access more government services as they move online.

While you may notice some changes in the latest version of the app, the way you access online services hasn't changed.

Remember, to access most online services on behalf of a not-for-profit organisation, your myGovID must be linked to their Australian business number (ABN) in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). Although RAM requires only a Standard strength myGovID, eligible individual associates who are able to set up a myGovID with a Strong identity strength can now link their organisation online.

Setting up a Strong myGovID

To set up a Strong myGovID you need to verify an Australian passport, at least one other identity document and your photo. This one-off face verification process scans your face to check that you're a real person, the right person, and verifying in real-time.

If you've already met these requirements, your identity strength will automatically be increased from Standard to Strong.

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