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How the annual NFP self-review return will work

The annual NFP self-review return can be lodged using ATO online services.

Last updated 30 June 2024

The NFP self-review return for the 2023–24 income year can be lodged using Online services for business.

A registered tax agent can also lodge the return on behalf of an NFP using Online services for agents.

The NFP self-review return:

  • requires NFPs to advise of the type of exempt category the NFP is self-assessing against
  • guides NFPs to consider their purpose and activities against specific eligibility requirements under 1 of 8 income tax exempt categories
  • doesn't include questions that are financial in nature. However, one question asks for an estimate of gross revenue range as small, medium or large, to indicate the size of the NFP organisation.

Once the NFP self-review return is lodged, NFPs will receive a notice on screen confirming the submission and the outcome of their self-assessment.

Each year after the first NFP self-review lodgment, NFPs will need to confirm or update information on a pre-populated return.

Penalties may apply under the ATO’s penalty framework if an NFP self-review return is not lodged each year.