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Review your tax status

We recommend an annual review, or whenever there is a major change to your organisation's structure or activities.

Last updated 19 July 2015

We recommend you do a review:

  • once a year
  • when there is a major change to your organisation's structure or activities.

Charities have a different review process to organisations that can self-assess their income tax status.

See also

Charities should refer to Review your TCC endorsement.

For organisations that can self-assess, we provide worksheets to help you review your organisation's tax status. Once you have completed the relevant worksheet, submit it to your Board or Committee for approval. Keep the completed and approved worksheet with your other records – it will show why and how you worked out income tax status and will help future office bearers.

Next steps  

When we review

We review both income tax exempt and taxable not-for-profit organisations. The reviews help establish whether your organisation is correctly assessing its income tax status.

We may request that you provide information and documents that are relevant to your assessment of your organisation's income tax status. While you must comply with this request, you will be given at least 28 days to provide the required information and documents. Failure to comply can lead to prosecution.

We will provide written notice of the result of the review.

If your organisation has not lodged income tax returns for the period under review and our review shows that your organisation is not income tax exempt, we may require that income tax returns be lodged.

If your organisation has lodged returns and there are inaccuracies in income, deductions or entitlements, we may amend your assessment.

If your organisation is dissatisfied with the review, you can lodge an objection.