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Educational organisations

An educational organisation is a public educational institution.

Last updated 19 July 2015

Income tax exemption checklist – Educational organisations

Your organisation will be exempt from income tax, and can self-assess its exemption, if it meets all of the following requirements:

Public educational institution

A public educational institution is an institution that is available or open to the public or a section of the public and whose sole purpose is providing education. Any other purpose of the organisation must be incidental or ancillary to providing public education. Education in this context does not extend to merely providing information or lobbying.

Public educational institutions include:

  • universities or colleges managed by public bodies
  • grammar schools
  • primary and secondary schools run by churches or religious bodies
  • NFP business colleges.

Organisations that are not public educational institutions include:

  • colleges run for the profit of the private owners
  • associations operated for their members' professional benefit
  • promotional and lobbying bodies.

Many other organisations connected with education are not public educational institutions. Examples are:

  • parents and friends committees
  • scholarship providers.

See also:

If your organisation does not meet all the requirements for exemption for this category, you should check the other exemption categories in the Types of income tax exempt organisations.