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Adjusting GST

If you need to correct a mistake in a previous business activity statement, you may need to lodge a revised statement.

Last updated 3 April 2017

You may need to make adjustments that change the amount of GST you're liable to pay.

You may have an adjustment if one of the following occurs:

  • the price of a sale or a purchase changed - for example, you provide a discount to a customer or receive a rebate from a seller
  • a taxable sale you made, or a purchase you're entitled to a GST credit for, is cancelled (for example, where goods are returned)
  • you write off a bad debt or you recover a previously written-off bad debt
  • your actual use of a purchase or importation for business purposes differs from your intended use.

There are also other circumstances where you may be required to make an adjustment, such as when you:

  • cease registration
  • sell something you used for making financial supplies.

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