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Payments you must report

The transactions made by an electronic payment system you must report for business clients.

Last updated 17 August 2017

You must report all transactions you process for your business clients unless they are specifically exempt – even if you only process them for part of a year.

If a business engaged a third party processor for part of a year and then held a merchant account directly with a bank for the later part of the year, both the third party processor and the bank would report for the periods that they processed the businesses transactions.

Global organisations

If you are part of a global organisation with a presence in multiple countries, you only report on the business clients that the Australian subsidiary engages.


Pro Payments is a global organisation with offices in Australia, Singapore and Germany. Pro Payments has a reporting obligation for the transactions processed by their Australian subsidiary only. If the Singapore subsidiary engages a client that operates a website based in Singapore and the payments are processed in Singapore they will not have a reporting obligation even if the website’s clients are from Australia.

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