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News and updates

News and updates for annual investment income reporting (AIIR) and quarterly TFN/ABN reporting.

Last updated 2 October 2019

News and updates for annual investment income reporting (AIIR) and quarterly tax file number (TFN) and Australian business number (ABN) reporting.

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  • Annual investment income report (AIIR)
  • Quarterly TFN and ABN report (QTFN report).


2018–19 financial year AIIRs are due by 31 October 2019. Valid specifications are version 6.0.0, 10.0.2, 11.0.1 and 12.0.0.

If you do not meet the requirements to lodge for this financial year, you should submit a nil AIIR report to avoid unnecessary compliance activity.

QTFN reports for the quarter ending 30 September are due by 28 October. Nil reports are not required for QTFN reports.

Key reporting reminders

Reporting a valid investment body ABN or WPN

A valid ABN or WPN for the Investment Body is required for the AIIR to be processed and the investor data made available in pre-fill. An invalid or cancelled ABN will always delay the processing of the AIIR and may result in the AIIR being rejected.

  • AIIR electronic reporting specification v12 - Investment Body Identity Record (field reference number 9.31).
  • AIIR PC spreadsheet specification and template - cell B2 (field reference number 6.1).

Are you reporting over 1,000 investments or shares and units transactions?

The PC spreadsheet specification must only be used when reporting for entities that have less than 1,000 investments or transactions to report. If there are more than 1,000 investments or transactions to report you will need to either develop software in house or use the services of a commercial digital service provider to compile a data file in accordance with the Electronic Reporting Specification (ERS)External Link. Some reporters outsource their AIIR reporting to a commercial supplier.

Reporting a unique supplier file reference

A unique supplier file reference must be provided for each AIIR sent to the ATO by the same supplier for the same financial year. If you use the same supplier file reference as a previously lodged AIIR the processing of the incoming AIIR will be stopped and may result in the file being rejected.

  • AIIR electronic reporting specification v12 - Supplier Data Record 2 (field reference number 9.14).
  • AIIR PC spreadsheet specification and template - cell E8 (field reference number 6.25).

Reporting monetary values in dollars and cents

All AIIRs require the reporting of monetary values in dollars and cents (Australian) and must not contain alpha characters, dollar signs, commas, plus or minus signs, decimal points or spaces.

For example, in a 12-character numeric (amount) cell:

  • $1,234.99 would be reported as 123499
  • $122.16 would be reported as 12216
  • $567.00 would be reported as 56700.

Additionally, for spreadsheet reporters, monetary values must:

  • be right justified
  • leave unused character positions blank.

Each cell in the spreadsheet has a specified format and type. These are defined under the heading 'Description of terms used in data record specification', starting on page 12 of the AIIR PC spreadsheet specificationExternal Link. Numeric is defined on page 13.

AIIR PC spreadsheet Sequence number of the Account record (6.34) cell B12 and Sequence number of the Investor record within the Account (6.35) cell C12

These sequence numbers identify the accounts and investors within the AIIR spreadsheet. An account can have one or more investors. Where there is more than one investor the account sequence number (column B) is repeated as it is the same account. If a correction is required these sequence numbers are used to correct the data.

The concept is best explained by an example. See the example on page 57 of the AIIR PC spreadsheet specificationExternal Link.

AIIR PC spreadsheet Investment reference number (6.60) cell AD12

This is a mandatory cell for all reporters and report types even if you are only reporting sale of securities (shares and units) data. If this field is not provided the AIIR will be rejected.

Reporting annual investment income for each sale of securities (share and unit) transaction reported in AIIR PC spreadsheet format

When reporting annual investment income and shares and unit data for a particular investor in the same file, do not repeat the investment income on every row. The investment income is annual and should only be reported once per account and investor. However, shares and units data can take multiple rows if the reporting type is transactional.

Paper form

Paper forms are not accepted for AIIR or QTFN.

Help with lodging

For help with lodging the AIIR and QTFN report, email