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Getting your fuel tax credit rates right

Tips for applying new rates to your business activity statement.

Published 4 April 2024

Claiming fuel tax credits on your March quarterly business activity statement (BAS), due 28 April? Remember rates changed 5 February so use the latest rates for the dates you acquired fuel.

To help with your claim you can:

  1. Use the fuel tax credit calculator to calculate your claim. You can also use this to work out any adjustments or corrections for a previous BAS.

    Fuel tax credit rates often change. By using this calculator you can find out which rates apply for the types of fuel you use. Once you select the BAS period, the calculator will tell you if multiple rates apply. It will then do the calculation for you.
  2. Lodge your BAS through Online services for business.

    Join the millions of other businesses that have switched to lodging their BAS online. Lodging online is quick, easy and secure. It means you can lodge anywhere, at any time of day. You’ll also receive reminders to help you get it right and avoid mistakes before you lodge.
  3. Use simplified methods to make it easier to keep records and calculate your fuel tax credits.

    There are many simplified methods you can use. Your eligibility depends on how much you claim yearly and what activities you use fuel for. Remember to check your eligibility before you claim.

Follow these tips to ensure your claim is correct and you receive your full entitlement.

Remember, a registered tax or BAS agent can help you with your tax.