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We've tweaked the trust tax return

Get across the changes to the way you need to report and submit your trust tax return.

Last updated 2 July 2024

Income tax reporting changes under the Modernisation of Trust Administration Systems (MTAS) came into effect on 1 July.

What does this mean for you if you're a trustee or a trust beneficiary?


We've added 4 capital gains tax (CGT) labels into the trust tax return statement of distribution. The information contained in the statement of distribution section of your trust tax return will provide beneficiaries everything they need to complete their trust income reporting obligations.

We recommend giving this information to beneficiaries to help them with their obligations.

The Trust tax return instructions 2024 provide up-to-date information to assist you or your tax agent with lodgment.


Look out for the trust income schedule. This is a new form that you lodge with your tax return. The information you need to complete the trust income schedule will be itemised in the statement of distribution. All you need to do is copy it across. 

Remember, you’ll need to get the information required in the trust income schedule from the trust. We recommend that you ask the trustee for a copy of the trust statement of distribution.

If you receive a distribution of trust income from a managed fund, this should also be included in the new trust income schedule. The trust income schedule instructions will show you how the information on the tax statement provided by the managed fund needs to be reported on the trust income schedule.

Find out more about the MTAS project and these changes at