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Engineering and technical

Employers in the Engineering and technical industry have shared their SuperStream experience.

Last updated 26 July 2016



Mr Richard McClenahan


Brunskill McClenahan and Associates, Chatswood, NSW


Engineering and technical



Number of employees

Less than 20

SuperStream solution

Fund portal

Given you don’t use social media, how’d you hear about SuperStream?

Australian Super was the first way we heard about SuperStream. They sent out emails and brochures. I also saw ads in the paper.

How did you implement SuperStream?

Australian Super contacted me. Their system is easy to use. Now I don’t have to pay our staff’s super into different schemes, all with different processes.

Are you seeing any benefits?

I only process super once every three months but I’d say it is probably 25% faster than previously. Still have to do all the calculations and check all the data, but I don’t have to do different things for all the different schemes. Australian Super is pretty easy to do.

What is your advice to other employers?

While there are only five or six basic things to set up, it is not always apparent. If you have someone guide you through setting up the system, it is a lot easier to do and not frustrating at all.