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Final taxonomy files

Final taxonomy files for the SuperStream data and e-commerce standard for rollovers and contributions are now available.

Last updated 22 August 2021

The taxonomy provides the information required to support implementation of the data and e-commerce standard.

Read the final taxonomy files in conjunction with the:

  • Data and Payment Standards – Contributions Message Implementation Guide
  • Data and Payment Standards – Rollover Message Implementation Guide.

You can view the message implementation guides by referring to Superannuation Data and Payment Standard and associated Schedules.

The final taxonomy has been updated to align with version 1.2 of the Contributions Message Implementation Guide and version 3.86 of the Rollovers Message Implementation Guide.

Accessing the taxonomies

The final taxonomy files are available at the SBR collaboration environmentExternal Link.

The SBR collaboration environment provides access to the SBR (AU) taxonomy.

To access the reporting taxonomies for rollovers and contributions, select:

  • For Use - Current Version
  • SBR AU (date Excludes APRA).

Scroll down and open either:

  • SuperStream Member Registration and Contributions
  • SuperStream Rollover.

The Standard Business Reporting (SBR) taxonomy collaboration environment allows you to view the taxonomy directly without the use of an xbrl tool. You can also download and review the taxonomy zip file using a separate xbrl editing tool.

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