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Electronic service address

SMSF needs an electronic service address (alias) to receive SuperStream data from employers and other funds.

Last updated 21 November 2021

To receive SuperStream data, your self-managed super fund (SMSF) needs an electronic service address (ESA).

An ESA is an alias that represents the uniform resource locator (URL) or internet protocol (IP) address of a messaging provider. It ensures you meet all technical requirements for interacting electronically across the super network. An email address is not an ESA.

You can get an ESA from an SMSF messaging provider or through your SMSF intermediary such as SMSF administrator, tax agent, accountant or some banks. Many of these options are no cost or low cost.

Once you have obtained or updated your ESA, you need to notify us.

Next step

Registering with a messaging provider

If your SMSF doesn't use a SMSF intermediary such as an SMSF administrator, tax agent, accountant or some banks, you'll need to register directly with an SMSF messaging provider.

Your SMSF messaging provider will give you the alias it uses as its active ESA.

Using the alias allows the following actions and transactions to occur:

  • SMSF members can give it to their employer to help with paying super contributions to your fund through a clearing house.
  • You can receive contribution messages your member's employer sends to your SMSF using the SuperStream standard.
  • Allows you to process rollovers to and from your member's other funds using the SuperStream standard.
  • You can receive and action certain release authorities faster via SuperStream – including the first home super saver (FHSS) scheme.

Under SuperStream, contribution and rollover data is transmitted in a specific format so it can be used consistently across the super system. Using an SMSF messaging provider is the most practical and economic way for your SMSF to meet the technical requirements of the SuperStream standard without an individually developed and certified solution.

Ensure you only use an ESA where you have permission to do so from the SMSF messaging provider. For your SMSF to receive employer contributions, your ESA needs to be active. If the ESA is not active or you do not have permission to use it, your employer may redirect your contributions to a stapled super fund, their default fund and may ask you to complete a Superannuation standard choice form.

If you are requesting a rollover into or out of your SMSF, you are required to use SuperStream. You need to ensure that your chosen ESA is active and able to provide rollover SuperStream services. If the ESA is not active or you don't have permission to use it, you will not be able to roll money into or out of your SMSF.

See the self-managed super fund (SMSF) messaging providers who can provide an electronic service address.