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  • Record keeping evaluation tool

    Use the Record keeping evaluation tool to help you assess how well you are keeping your business records.

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    Before you use the tool

    The results from this tool are based on the information you provide or that is available at the time. You may need to use the tool again if your situation changes.

    Any information you enter into this tool is for your own benefit. We can't access the information you put into the tool.

    Who can use this tool

    You can use this tool if you are:

    • running a business and responsible for the business' record keeping
    • responsible for managing records for a business – such as bookkeepers, registered tax agents or BAS agents
    • thinking about starting a business – use this tool to understand what records you will need to keep.

    Don't use this tool if you are a super fund, non-profit organisation or government agency, as you have particular record-keeping requirements not covered by this tool.

    Access the Record keeping evaluation tool

    After answering a series of questions, the tool will give you an evaluation report outlining how well you are keeping business records.

    The tool takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

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