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Superannuation guarantee contributions calculator

Use this tool to calculate super guarantee contributions, paid up to 28 days following the due date.

Last updated 29 June 2021

For salary or wage payments, you need to pay the minimum superannuation guarantee (SG) contribution based on the super guarantee rate for the relevant year.

The Super guarantee (SG) contributions calculator tool helps you work out the superannuation guarantee amount to pay to your employee's super fund.

It will help you work out the SG sub-totals of each individual superannuation fund and the total of all contributions payable. The calculator doesn't calculate nominal interest.

If you're late in meeting your super obligations, visit Missed and late super guarantee payments.

The answers you get from the calculator are based solely on the information you provide. You must check that the information you enter is correct. We are not responsible for any incorrect answers.

Employees should use the Estimate my super tool. This is designed to help you determine whether you are eligible for SG contributions and whether your employer is paying the correct amount.

Note: Norfolk Island employers should not use this tool as a different super guarantee rate currently applies. See Norfolk Island superannuation basics for more information.

Superannuation guarantee contributions calculator

Getting started

The SG contributions calculator will take from one to five minutes to complete.


Employers can use the calculator to calculate SG contributions. Using the drop-down box on the first screen, you can select to apply the minimum SG rate or increase the rate based on the arrangement you have with your employees.

Information you need

Before you start, you will need:

  • the personal details of your employees, including their name (optional) and super fund details (optional)
  • the amount of superannuation payable for each employee for the period.

Entering your data

As an employer, you should be aware of the SG eligibility criteria and the maximum contribution base.

The calculator has been designed so you can calculate SG contributions weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly, based on your business needs. Consequently, this calculator doesn't incorporate the SG eligibility criteria or the maximum contribution base.

If you're unsure if an employee is eligible for super guarantee contributions, use the Superannuation guarantee eligibility decision tool before you start.

Printing your calculation

You can't save your calculations. We recommend you print a copy for your records.

To print the summary, you must have access to a printer.

Click on the Print button and the summary will be printed.

Providing feedback

We welcome your feedback on the Superannuation guarantee contributions calculator. You can provide your feedback by filling in our feedback form.