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    Getting started

    Why should I use the decision tool?

    As an employer, you may have super obligations for workers you engage. Once you have answered the questions in this tool you will be given a report that contains a:

    • summary of the information you have provided
    • decision that advises whether an individual is eligible for super contributions.

    You can also personalise the details of your report before printing.

    The answers you get from this decision tool are based solely on the information you provide. You must check the information you enter is correct, as we will not be held accountable for any incorrect decisions.

    I am an employer – can I use the decision tool?

    Employers can use this tool to understand whether they need to make super contributions for the individuals they employ (including any contractors who are treated as employees).

    You're an employer if you employ workers under a verbal or written employment agreement on a full-time, part-time or casual basis. You may also be considered an employer if you make payments to a contractor under a contract wholly or principally for their labour.

    If you are not sure whether your workers are employees or contractors, use the Employee/Contractor decision tool.

    If you're a non-resident employer, you can find out about your obligations by referring to Foreign-residents-doing-business-in-Australia.

    I am an employee – can I use the decision tool?

    If you're an employee, use our Employee SG calculator tool to help you determine if:

    • you are eligible for super
    • your employer is paying the correct amount.

    How long will it take?

    The decision tool will take about one to five minutes to complete. It is cost effective for businesses, as:

    • it is quick and easy to use
    • you can produce a printed report for your records.

    Using the decision tool

    What do I do if I don't understand a question?

    If you're having trouble answering a question use the Help button, which will provide guidance relevant to the question you are stuck on.

    How do I print an eligibility decision report?

    Once you have answered the questions in this tool you will be given an eligibility decision report.

    Before printing your report you may wish to personalise your result by adding the worker's name and/or your business' name to the report.

    You may then use the Print or Save button to display a print friendly version of your report which can be either printed or saved electronically. Note: the print friendly report displays in HTML only.

    After using the decision tool

    What do I do after I have used the tool?

    The Superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions calculator calculates how much super you should be contributing for your eligible workers.

    If you are late in meeting your super obligations, the Superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) statement and calculator tool will calculate your SGC liability and prepare the SGC statement that you lodge with us.

    Can I provide feedback on the decision tool?

    We welcome your feedback on the Super guarantee eligibility calculator.

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