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Debt-like trust instruments (Subdivision 276-J)

Last updated 29 May 2019

Total deductions claimed for returns paid

If the trustee has issued debt-like instruments to which Subdivision 276-J of the ITAA 1997 applies, those instruments are treated as debt interests (as defined in the ITAA 1997) issued by the AMIT. Distributions on the debt-like instruments are treated as returns that the AMIT pays or provides on a debt interest and you may be entitled to claim a deduction for distributions paid to holders of the instrument. Take these deductions into account in determining the trust components of characters relating to assessable income.

You cannot claim a deduction for a distribution to the extent it relates to exempt income or NANE income of the AMIT.

Enter the amount of deductions claimed for distributions paid to holders of debt-like instruments issued by the AMIT.